Our Searches & Reports

Webbs Heath Engine House by John CornwellThe BCA report includes references to early areas of mining in and around Bristol created by shallow workings of the late 17th and 18th centuries. It is very often these workings that cause today's problems.

Each BCA report is individually tailored to suit the client's needs and includes the following:

  • A brief mining history of the site and adjacent land, including any known workings.
  • The proximity of shafts and other mine entries to the property or site.
  • The position, course and condition of any water and drainage levels.
  • A description of the geology including the coal seam sequence when known, both worked and unworked.
  • An indication of any subsidence known to us in the immediate vicinity.
  • And where appropriate a description of any industrial history which could lead to contamination or subsidence from causes orther than coal mining.

Shaft in Court Road, Hanham, 1988: under a garden wall, partly under the pavement by John CornwellAll reports are thoroughly checked before they are issued.

Local knowledge and expertise

John Cornwell worked for many years with the National Coal Board and was responsible for recording and investigating abandoned coal mines in the South Wales and Bristol Coalfields. In addition to his knowledge of coal mining, he was active and well respected in the broader field of industrial archaeology. He has published several books on the Kingswood, South Gloucestershire and Somerset Coalfields.

Ian Greenfield, now our consultant, was trained by and worked with Mr Cornwell for several years. Like Mr Cornwell, Mr Greenfield has had a long term interest in Industrial Archeology, with a particular interest in mining. He, with others, established the South Gloucestershire Mines Research Group, and has carried out documentary and physical investigations throughout the coalfield.

A Specialised Service
For solicitors, surveyors, lenders and others involved in the domestic property market, the Company offers an expedited service. Although every effort is made to return reports by within seven working days of receiving a request, many reports for properties or sites in areas with a more complicated past history will take a few days longer to allow for cross checking.

No extra charge is made when requests are made by fax or email. In an emergency an express report can be provided within 30 to 60 minutes.

Additional Services
Although Bristol Coalmining Archives was set up specifically to operate in the field of historical coal mining activity, the material in the archive itself extends over a much wider field.

The Company is therefore able to offer a reporting service covering all aspects of extractive industry.

Specific features which will be of interest to our clients include clay pits, stone quarries and mines, both for iron and non ferrous ores and ochre workings.

The Company can, in addition, provide information on past non-extractive operations which are likely to have a bearing on current property and development sites. The principle areas of concern will be sub-surface structures and the issue of contaminated land. Past industries such as extractive and manufacturing metallurgy, brickmaking and pottery production and extraction or refining of chemicals have often left a legacy which is not always apparent.

Professional Indemnity
The company carries professional indemnity cover, particulars of which can be supplied on request.