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The BCA report includes references to early areas of mining in and around Bristol created by shallow workings of the late 17th and 18th centuries. It is very often these workings that cause today’s problems.

Each BCA report is individually tailored to suit the client’s needs and includes the following:

  • A brief mining history of the site and adjacent land, including any known workings.
  • The proximity of shafts and other mine entries to the property or site.
  • The position, course and condition of any water and drainage levels.
  • A description of the geology including the coal seam sequence when known, both worked and unworked.
  • An indication of any subsidence known to us in the immediate vicinity.
  • And where appropriate a description of any industrial history which could lead to contamination or subsidence from causes other than coal mining.

Which Report

We provide several kinds of reports to suit our clients needs. These are as follows:

  • Standard Reports are tailored to suit the requirements of the particular inquirer whether it be a solicitor acting on behalf of the purchaser of a single dwelling or an individual private client or a consultant investigating the planned development of a large site. They are normally accepted in lieu of a CON29M coalmining report.
    Each report includes a summary of historical past coal mining activity, location of nearest mine shafts and adits and maybe pump shafts and wells used for drawing water, water and drainage levels sections on surface geology and any subsidence record which we may hold. Seam outcrops, geological faults, shafts and water levels are marked up on the submitted plan where they are on or close to the property or site. (Water levels are not included in the CA’s reports but are often still active with air shafts along their length which are not always mine shafts, and if blocked, can cause problems with rising water further upstream).
  • Domestic Reports (Residential) are for single properties or for very small sites
  • Commercial Reports (Non-Residential) are for larger properties or sites
  • Enhanced Reports contain greater detail reflecting the more extensive historical research, including research into further background documents and literature, which is needed to complete these reports. Useful for developers planning building work and for consultants to use as part of their preliminary site investigations and/or as preparation for a Coal Mining Risk Assessment (see below).
  • Coal Mining Risk Assessments (CMRAs) These are required as part of a planning application for all new properties and extensions in areas which the Coal Authority (CA) consider to be within a Development High Risk area. These CMRAs are thoroughly researched, written, and completed to comply the CA’s template.

How to use our services

A request for a Standard Coal Search, Enhanced Report or Coal Mining Risk Assessment (CMRA) can be made by using the order form found on Order a Report, by email or by post and must include a plan of the property, which clearly shows its location. Our fees are available on application. A telephone call first will establish whether there is a need for a report for any location.

For larger domestic and commercial properties and sites, Enhanced Reports and CMRA’s we will always provide a written quotation.

We carry full professional indemnity cover; a copy of the certificate of this cover can be provided on request.

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